Tips For Making People Feel Comfortable Around You

Tips For Making People Feel Comfortable

Tips For Making People Feel Comfortable

If you're shy or have some type of social anxiety, then making people feel comfortable around you might seem like an impossible feat.

Your more socially graceful friends can walk into a room, light it up, and put everyone at ease. But you? You're the queen of the awkward joke and ruler of the downhill conversation.

While this is an adorably quirky trait in the right circles, it's not exactly the most winning quality when trying to score new friends.

But never fear: There are ways to turn yourself around socially and become the type of person everyone gravitates towards.

The best place to start is with a quick look at how you carry yourself. “Facial expression and body language are big evaluation methods that help us decide who is receptive to our attempt to initiate a connection,” says Dr. Michele Barton in an email to Bustle.

“We innately want to be loved and comforted, therefore will approach a smiling face with open posture over a scowling face and crossed arms, any day.”

Do people tend to fall quiet when you walk into the room? If you're giving off a tense, uptight vibe, you might make people uncomfortable.

Minimizing awkward moments and getting rid of your shy demeanour can help. With a little practice, you'll soon be the life of the party.

Connecting and interacting with others is one of the most vital and resourceful tools while pursuing a career in public relations.

Some people can walk into a room and make everyone around them feel at ease and instantly comfortable.

For others, they tend to shut down and become introverted and self-conscious when it comes to meeting new people.

There’s no exact remedy to cure one’s shyness, but there are ways to turn your quirky traits into becoming the type of person everyone can’t help but gravitate to.

One of the first things to remember is that it’s about them, not you. Try to ditch the smartphone and make the other person feel as if they have your undivided attention.

Showing someone you are listening to him or her and putting effort into the conversation will make them want to engage more.

Also, throw a compliment their way. That colour looks amazing on you! Where did you get that shirt? It's super cute! A small compliment can make anyone’s day go from being down in the dumps to extraordinary.

How To Build Confidence

How To Build Confidence

When it comes to making people feel comfortable around you, one of the best ways to build confidence is through active listening. When someone is talking to you, make eye contact, nod along and show that you're interested in what they're saying. This will make them feel like their voice is being heard and understood.

Next, try opening up about yourself and your interests. People are often more interested in getting to know those with whom they share a similar background or interest. And if you want to break the ice with someone new, try saying something funny.

Laughing and smiling are two great ways to get a conversation going. And lastly, don't be afraid of being vulnerable or revealing anything about yourself that could potentially turn off your potential friend.

The first step towards becoming a social butterfly is to build confidence. Having a positive attitude, being able to laugh at yourself, and learning how to hold your own in any and all situations will help you feel confident about who you are and what you have to say. If you're shy or socially anxious, it's important that you learn how to be comfortable with yourself so that others can see that confidence as well.

If this sounds like too much of an undertaking, start small by opening up more in conversations. Share personal stories, ask people questions about themselves, or even share embarrassing stories from your life. These types of sharing will go a long way toward helping you develop self-confidence and the ability to handle more difficult topics in conversation.

Once you've been able to open up more in conversation, take the next step: Start giving back! It doesn't have to be anything big; it could just be a compliment or an observation during a conversation that makes another person feel good about themselves. Remember: You don't need to be perfect – just be kind.

How To Avoid Being Awkward And Make People Comfortable

How To Avoid Being Awkward And Make People Comfortable

If you're shy or have some type of social anxiety, then making people feel comfortable around you might seem like an insurmountable feat. Your more socially graceful friends have the ability to walk into a room, light it up, and put everyone at ease. But you? Well, you're the queen of the awkward joke and ruler of the downhill conversation.

While this is an adorably quirky trait in the right circles, it's not exactly the most winning quality when trying to score new friends. But never fear: There are ways to turn yourself around socially, and become the type of person everyone gravitates towards.

First, be aware that people are just as uncomfortable around you as you are around them. They might not know what to say because they don't know how to approach someone with your weirdness.

So if your conversations usually devolve into stammers and silence, other people will probably do their best to avoid talking with you as well—you might even find yourself going weeks without speaking to someone new.

Second, it's important that you make an effort to actually speak with other people in your life regularly. Even if they're not friends yet (and let's face it, they probably won't be), it's possible for them to be open-minded enough about who you are to give your company a shot. If they do decide they want your company after all this time passing by, then congratulations.

It's okay to be awkward sometimes. It's not like you'll die of embarrassment if you make a mistake, because everyone makes mistakes and everyone goes through awkward moments. But try your hardest to avoid making situations that are uncomfortable for others.

Take the time to get better at making eye contact with people, smile, and nod at them in an enthusiastic way when they say something that interests you or that you agree with. When you feel comfortable around someone, it can seem like magic: suddenly they're your best friend.

How To Be More Social

How To Be More Social

If you're shy, it's easy to feel insecure and unsure of yourself in social situations. This can cause you to clam up, or worse yet, push people away. In an effort to avoid feeling embarrassed or making a fool of yourself, you might try not to engage with other people at all. But this is the worst thing that could happen to your social life!

You'll be stuck alone in your shell for the rest of the time because no one will want to be friends with someone who avoids interaction like the plague. Instead, take a page from your more confident friends and stop being so afraid of what other people think about you.

Remember that everyone has something cool about them, whether they're shy or outgoing or somewhere in-between. Everyone likes certain things, even if they don't always show it off when they first meet someone new. Why not give them a chance?

If you're feeling shy, don't worry. All the tips below are things that worked for me. You may not have tried them all, but there is something out there for everybody.

Just start small. The most important thing to remember is that social interactions take practice. You might feel like a failure every time you try and make a new friend, but these mistakes teach you valuable lessons about how to be more social in the future. So keep on trying!

Stay positive. No matter what your struggle is, you can always turn it into a positive experience. Whether you are shy or socially awkward, if you found that if you just think of your struggles as learning opportunities instead of personal failures, you’ll can find peace with yourself and those around me.

Be vulnerable and real with people: Don't hold back when it comes to being honest with people because they will respect that more than anything else in this world. If someone makes fun of your weird habits or says something insensitive, don't beat yourself up over it–just let it go and move on to better things!

How To Be More Socially Charismatic

How To Be More Socially Charismatic

The following are a few simple tips to make yourself more socially charismatic.

1. Be Natural

One of the best ways to be more socially charismatic is to be direct. Don't try to force conversation or make jokes that aren't natural or your usual style, because people will pick up on it and think you're awkward. If you ask someone for their opinion on something, they'll probably give it to you.

2. Ask Questions

People love talking about themselves, so when you ask them questions about themselves, they'll feel comfortable enough around you to open up. It's best not to ask too many invasive questions, but rather go for ones that get them talking.

For example, if someone told you that they love watching Game of Thrones, ask what their favorite character is instead of asking why the show is so popular with so many people.

What Is Social Anxiety?

What Is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is a condition that leads to feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and awkwardness when it comes to social situations. Symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the symptoms, but typically those with severe social anxiety will experience intense feelings of dread or panic before and during social interactions.

There are many different types of social anxiety. Some people experience general fear when in public places, while others are more anxious about being judged or rejected by other people.

There is no cure for this mental illness and treatment options range from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to medication like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which have been shown to be quite effective for those with moderate-to-severe social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a fear of interacting with others as a result of a lack of confidence. It's not necessarily shyness, but rather the idea that you're “not good enough” to be engaging in social interactions.

Social anxiety stems from a variety of causes–some are biological, some are psychological, and some are circumstantial. But one thing is for sure: There's plenty that you can do to help yourself feel more comfortable in social situations.

Practice making small talk. This might seem like such an easy task, but it can actually be quite difficult if you have social anxiety. Even the thought of talking to someone new might make your palms sweat and your heart race.

That's why it's important to practice small talk before you hit the big time–which means talking to strangers on the bus or at work!

The best way to combat this issue is by practicing in controlled environments where simple interactions aren't going out into the world for everyone to see and judge you for them. By starting slowly, it will get easier with time, and eventually become natural again when faced with real-life situations.

Get Your Smile On

Get Your Smile On

Smiling is the best way to make people feel at ease around you. They'll think that you're friendly and down to earth, which will make them more likely to open up to you.

When it comes to smiling, practice makes perfect, so get in front of a mirror and try it out. You might even want to consider taking a break from social media for a while–the time offline may encourage you to smile more naturally.

Show That You're Actually Listening

Show That You're Actually Listening

Sometimes it's easy to forget that you're actually listening to what the person is saying. When this happens, people start thinking that you don't care about them or their concerns.

So make sure that you're actively listening to what they are saying, and giving them your full attention. This will show them that you care about what they have to say, and will result in a more positive conversation.

But how can you tell if someone isn't listening? Well, there are a few signs that should help guide your decision:

  • They take longer than five seconds to reply
  • They ask the same question multiple times
  • They ask unrelated questions, such as “How was your weekend?” when they already asked how your day was
  • You feel like they're not paying attention or not interested in what you're saying
  • Their eyes dart around while they listen

On the other hand, if someone is listening intently and seems really engaged with what you're saying, then keep going! They're just showing their interest with those signs.

Dish Out The Compliments

Dish Out The Compliments

Complimenting people makes them feel good, and they're more likely to want to be around you. It's a two-way street: They'll feel good, which will make them feel more social and like they can talk to you. One of the best compliments is telling people that they look pretty. This works because it's an open-ended compliment. You can always say something more specific about their outfit (such as “I love your shoes!”) or their hair (“You've got such beautiful hair!”).

Have Open Body Language

Have Open Body Language

One of the most important things to remember about making people feel comfortable is your body language. If you're sitting in a way that suggests you don't want to be noticed, or if your arms are crossed, people will get the wrong idea.

Instead, make sure you're open and inviting in your posture. If you're sitting at a table, do not cross your legs (this signals that you don't want to engage with others). People tend to find it more difficult to approach someone when they look like they don't want company. Instead, sit up straight with your hands on the table or your lap.

This will make people feel more comfortable approaching you and engaging in conversation. Another thing that can help with making people feel more comfortable around you is smiling! When you smile and have eye contact with someone who's talking to you, it helps ease tension in the situation and makes them more likely to talk openly.

Conclusion To The Tips For Making People Feel Comfortable Around You


It's difficult to make people feel comfortable around you and it's even harder to do so with social anxiety. However, there are a few tips you can use to do just that.

First, build confidence by taking on new challenges, like speaking in front of a group or inviting people to hang out with you.

Second, avoid being awkward and make people more comfortable by being more spontaneous, such as asking for help with your homework or opening up about your problems.

Third, be more socially charismatic by understanding the different social norms in your life, like the difference between talking about school work and having a personal conversation.

Fourth, understand what social anxiety is and how to deal with it.

Fifth, practice smiling and open body language in order to give off the impression that you're a friendly person.

Sixth, be generous with compliments so that people feel more comfortable around you. And finally, by taking these steps you'll be able to put yourself in the position of making others feel comfortable around you.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the Tips For Making People Feel Comfortable Around You. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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