5 Old Remedies That Are Still Healing Us

5 Old Remedies That Are Still Healing Us

Our ancestors have been using healing remedies for centuries. The first healers were the plants themselves, who offered relief for a wide variety of ailments. They may also have come from our instincts, as people could sense when their bodies needed help from the outside world. Today, more and more people are turning to these old remedies. Some of them even work! In this article, we explore 5 ancient remedies that are still healing us today.

5 Old Remedies That Are Still Healing Us

What Is A Healing Remedy?

A healing remedy is a natural substance that can help you heal from an illness. There are many different types of remedies, such as tea, herbs, and tinctures. They vary depending on the type of illness your body has been facing.

One or more of these remedies could work for you if you have an illness. It’s also possible that none or some of them might be suitable to treat your specific condition.

5 Ancient Healing Remedies That Are Still Healing Us Today

Back in the day, some of our ancestors may have used these plants as a remedy for common ailments like headaches and stomach illnesses. Today, we can still find plants that were once used for medicinal purposes today. Some of them have even been proven to be effective.

The Power Of Garlic

The Power Of Garlic

Garlic is a spice that's been used for over 2,000 years by Chinese, Japanese, and Middle Eastern cultures. It can promote health and prevent ailments and diseases while simultaneously promoting digestive issues and boosting immunity.

The spice's power lies in its antibacterial properties. Among other benefits, garlic aids digestion as it helps remove toxins from the body by inhibiting an enzyme involved in digestion called cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4). In short: Garlic is great for your digestive system!

To turn it into a handy household remedy that works against the common cold, all you have to do is take 1 clove of fresh garlic per day for 30 days straight.

The Power Of Turmeric

The Power Of Turmeric

Turmeric is a polyphenol (a naturally occurring chemical compound found in many plants). Turmeric contains around 16% curcumin, which is the active ingredient. Curcumin helps to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • Reduce blood pressure

When used in combination with other medicinal herbs like ginger and ginseng, curcumin can have even more powerful effects. The reason why turmeric works so well is that it's packed with bioactive compounds called antioxidants. These compounds slow down the rate at which your body metabolizes fat for energy. This means that the system has less to do with breaking down fat for energy and more to do with breaking down fats and proteins for energy. In turn, this makes you feel better!

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric also acts as an antimicrobial agent. This way, it prevents infections from spreading or healing wounds faster.

The Power Of Honey

The Power Of Honey

The power of honey is without a doubt one of the oldest and most effective ways to combat colds, cold sores, and all forms of common infections. When you are sick, you’re likely to want to take hot baths with lots of Epsom salts to help your body heal itself. The idea behind the bath is that it will help draw out toxins and cleanse your body. The same concept could be applied when you are sick with a cold or any kind of infection.

You can also use honey to help fight infections and sickness if you boil it down to its simplest form. This can be done by taking a spoonful of honey with two teaspoons of water into a cup and then letting it sit for about 15 minutes before drinking it down.

This will not only help fight off the common cold but also other infections like strep throat or shingles (if you're unlucky enough to get these).

The Power Of Ginger

The Power Of Ginger

The power of ginger is well known and has been used for centuries throughout history to increase energy and stamina, but it is also known as a powerful pain reliever.

Ginger is one of the oldest medicines in existence, with a history of over 5,000 years. Ginger contains active gingerols that have been shown to reduce inflammation which is important for treating some types of arthritis.

Ginger has a warming effect on the body which can be quite helpful in the winter months when you need more immediate relief than you could get from medications like Advil, Aleve, or Motrin.

This ancient remedy may sound strange, but it still works as well today as it did thousands of years ago!

The Power Of Herbs

The Power Of Herbs

Herbs have a long history of being used in healing, and they're still effective today. Herbs like basil and oregano are great for their antibacterial properties. Basil contains terpenes, which are natural oils that are thought to be anti-inflammatory. Oregano is great for its antiseptic, analgesic, and antimicrobial properties.

The herb is also known for the ability to calm nerves, reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation and improve digestion.

Why Do We Still Use Healing Remedies?

The power of plants is undeniable. The aromas and flavours they produce can be intoxicating and even dangerous. But we don't need to worry about those things anymore because modern science has developed the tools to do it for us.

We don't need to rely on these old remedies just to live a healthy life. Modern medicine has evolved into an all-encompassing field that has made use of all sorts of natural substances, like herbs, seeds, and mushrooms, to cure patients.

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries by people all over the world, including in parts of Africa and Asia, where they were used as traditional healing methods. They were also known throughout Europe as early as the 1600s when people began using them for their health problems and ailments.

What Are The Benefits Of These Ancient Remedies?

What Are The Benefits Of These Ancient Remedies?

Going back to the beginning of our story, let’s take a look at some of these old remedies that have been around for hundreds of years.

  • Honey: Honey is a natural remedy to help relieve common ailments like headaches and joint pain.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda can be used for everything from curing diarrhea and nausea to treating hangovers and stomach cramps.
  • Chamomile: Chamomile tea can help ease anxiety, insomnia, stress, and tension.
  • Vanilla Beans: Try adding vanilla beans to recipes or making your vanilla extract. It will give you a delicious taste without using any sugar!

Do They Still Have A Place In Today's Modern World?

The first thing to remember is that no matter how modern the medicine may seem, it's still going to work.

Accordingly, old remedies are here to stay for a long time yet. So if you are using any of these solutions and you're not seeing results, you might want to try something else.

Ancient Healing Trends That Are Still Relevant to Us Today

Ancient Healing Trends That Are Still Relevant to Us Today

  • Cold-Cure Cures: There are many types of ancient cures that people still use today. They range from traditional herbal remedies to homeopathic medicines and even magickal rituals. Ancient healers made sure that their remedies were effective by testing them on healthy animals to see if they worked, before moving on to humans.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a form of ancient healing in which needles are inserted into your body to stimulate your nervous system and acupuncture points on your back, arms, or feet (also known as meridians). The goal is to stimulate the flow of energy in your body so that you can feel better and heal more quickly.
  • Herbal Remedies: Herbal remedies are also a form of ancient healing in which herbalists use plants like cinchona bark and St John's wort to treat diseases and illnesses. They are based on centuries-old studies that recommend using these plants for treating health issues like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, epilepsy, arthritis, and more.

How Ancient Healing Techniques Fight Disease And Sickness

How Ancient Healing Techniques Fight Disease And Sickness

Sickness and diseases are nothing new. As we all know, you can get sick and die from a disease-related cause. The ancient world knew this. There were many different types of sicknesses that were treated differently depending on the ailment. For example, there was the sickness called “Ebola” that was believed to originate in Africa and spread to other parts of the world through contact with sick people or animals.

What's The Difference Between An Ancient Healing Technique And A Modern One?

Ancient healing techniques differ from modern ones in several ways:

  • First, ancient healers didn't always use medicines. They used different methods to treat people. For example, a herbal remedy was mixed with water and given to the patient orally. If a person consumed this mixture of herbs and water, he would be cured of his illness.
  • Second, ancient healers didn't have access to various medications that we have today. They were much more limited when it came to treating illnesses and diseases than we are today.
  • Third, ancient healers didn't just cure illnesses but also helped people with other health problems as well. This is why some ancient healers were known as “healers of all kinds.”
  • Fourth, most ancient healing techniques aren't used anymore by many practitioners today because they're very time-consuming and require specialized training and equipment that they don't have in their homes.

Future Of Ancient Healing Techniques

Ancient healing is nothing new to humans. Some of the most famous ancient healers lived in Egypt, Greece, and India thousands of years ago.

However, it was only discovered recently that these ancient healers were highly skilled in using a wide array of practices to help people with their health problems.

Natural Remedies

The Effectiveness Of Natural Remedies

The natural remedies for common everyday illnesses are not only effective but also inexpensive to use. Using them can help you feel better and live healthier.

Here are some of the most popular natural remedies for common everyday illnesses:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)—It's not just a cold—this is a sickness that affects up to 1 in 5 people. It's characterized by extreme fatigue and reduced energy. CFS is usually treated with anti-inflammatory medications, rest, and supplementation, along with meditation and relaxation techniques. For more information on CFS, click here

Why Should You Use Natural Remedies?

Natural remedies, like herbs and homeopathic medicines, aren't always easy to find. They often require a lot of time and money to procure. Luckily, you can purchase these products online and use them directly at home.

You can even make your natural remedies if you have the right ingredients already on hand. Once you choose which specific remedy will help you the most, you'll need to apply it to your body regularly. You may want to give yourself an additional dose every morning for a couple of weeks or so just to be sure that it's working for you.

What Natural Remedies Can Do

Natural remedies can help people feel better faster than prescription drugs. From ginseng to Ginkgo Biloba, these plants are effective in helping people with many common health issues. They’re also very inexpensive and don't require any special preparation or equipment.

Your Health And Well-Being

You may think that your health and well-being are a secret, but they're an issue that everyone has to deal with. The use of prescription drugs, like steroids or anti-depressants, is on the rise, and for good reason; some of these medications have serious side effects.

Some people even have to take them for life. They might not be the best choice for you, so it's worth looking into other alternatives. If you have a health problem or are dealing with any sort of chronic illness, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor about alternative treatments

Finding A Natural Remedy

If you’re trying to find a natural remedy for your health problems, there are a few things you need to consider. First of all, it can be hard to know which natural remedies are right for you. There are many different kinds of herbs that can help with many different health conditions, so it’s important to find the one with the best results. You might also want to consider taking some of your supplements. Many people turn to their favorite supplements and products when they have health issues that aren’t being resolved by conventional medicine.

How to Use Natural Remedies


– Ginseng is a flowering plant that grows in the Asian region. It's also known as Panax ginseng. This relic herb has been used for centuries to help with health problems like weight loss and lowering blood pressure. In addition to being a natural remedy, ginseng is also a very effective treatment for physical illnesses.


Ginkgo – Ginkgo biloba is an evergreen tree native to China. The intense green colour of this plant was considered quite attractive by Chinese people and they used it to treat various ailments such as headaches and insomnia. However, this herb isn't still used today because of its side effects which include memory loss, poor mental concentration, increased risk for heart disease, depression, fatigue, and even death.

Natural Remedies

What Is The Difference Between A Natural Remedy And Harmful Drugs?

A natural remedy is a treatment that has been proven to work on its own. It can be an herb, flower, or other natural substance. For example, some remedies for anxiety are used to treat anxiety caused by stress, which has been proven to be a natural cause of the condition.

A harmful drug causes harm and must be approved by the federal government before it can be sold. When you purchase natural remedies, you are buying something that has been tested and found effective on its own. They aren't herbs or flowers; they're real substances that can cure any condition you may have.

How To Use Natural Home Remedies

Home remedies have been around for so long. Unfortunately, they can be hard to remember and find. Luckily, this guide will help you find all the home remedies you need for a wide variety of ailments, including menstrual cramps and diarrhea.

These home remedies will help you ease painful menstrual cramps and stop diarrhea — two common conditions that affect women daily. They're easy to do at home, too! You don't even need any medicine or special tools to make them work for you.

Are you suffering from severe menstrual cramps? You may want to try these natural home remedies: tampon in hot water (make sure it's not boiling) make your tea spicy foods (peppers, chilli peppers) warm bath with lemon juice, and honey… before bedtime.

Natural Remedies

Should I Use All Of These Remedies At Once Or In Combination?

The truth is that many people find it difficult to use all of these remedies at once regularly. However, some natural remedies can be used separately or in combination to help you feel better.

For instance, acupressure may help reduce anxiety and tension while acupuncture may be good for oral problems like toothache. If your teeth become sensitive because of an infection, you might want to talk with a dental hygienist about using a mouthwash with tea tree oil as well as brushing your teeth with baking soda and salt.

If you are dealing with an important illness such as cancer, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor about what you want to be done about it before he or she makes any recommendations. Your doctor will know exactly what treatments work best for your specific condition and how long they should be taken for the best results.

When Should I Take A Home Remedy?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. You should consult with a doctor if you’re taking prescription medications, or if you’re pregnant, or if you have any particular health condition.

But it does make sense to try a few recipes and products on your own for small amounts of time to see if they help. These natural remedies take on similar forms in different cultures, so be sure to check the ingredient list on any product before using them at home.

Natural Remedies

Is There A Right Way To Take A Natural Remedy?

Learning about natural remedies can be difficult. You need to know and understand a lot about the way things work so you can choose the right ones for your specific needs.

However, it's not just about finding the best remedies for all sorts of ailments. You also want to find the most effective remedies for each health concern you're dealing with, such as treating your acne or fighting depression. This is where knowing how things work in nature comes into play.

Taking a natural remedy is more than just putting drops on your face every day. Many different products can help balance your mood and improve your overall health without requiring any additional medical treatment or a visit to a doctor.


Modern medicine has come a long way, but there's still so much to learn and discover and ancient healing techniques can be a great source of inspiration.

The ancient techniques of healing still hold some value today, such as acupuncture and herbal medicine. And in addition to traditional therapies, modern science is beginning to find evidence that ancient healing techniques can have a positive impact on health.

As we learn more about the ancient healing techniques that have been around for thousands of years, we can better understand the basic principles that have been passed down from one generation to the next. And with the discovery of new therapeutic methods and scientific breakthroughs, we're sure to discover more about the ancient healing techniques that can still be of interest to us today.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the 5 Old Remedies That Are Still Healing Us. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly.




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