How To Show Your Cats You Love Them

How To Show Your Cats You Love Them

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How To Show Your Cats You Love Them

How To Show Your Cats You Love Them

Cats are finicky and adorable. They, along with dogs and many other creatures, were a part of my upbringing. However, Nuqee, my first Siamese cat, will always remain my favourite.

They are very different from dogs, yet they make wonderful friends because they value their freedom and offer questionable gifts to demonstrate how much they appreciate our care.

Here are 64 ways you may return your cat's affection.

1. Cats Make Excellent Companions

The majority of people maintain pets as companions. From the tiniest kittens to the oldest, most experienced cats, these loving creatures can stay with you for a very long time.

You may show them how much you care by dedicating yourself to their health and wellness for as long as they require it.

2. Each Cat Has Its Personality

Each cat is unique and has its personality. Understanding your cat's particular habits and requirements will help you express your love for them.

Cats And Dogs Are Different

3. Cats And Dogs Are Different

Cats and dogs are not the same. It can take some time to gain their trust because they are unusual animals. Consider your cat a beloved part of the family rather than something you possess.

Pay Daily Attention To Your Kitty

4. Pay Daily Attention To Your Kitty

Giving your cat sometime every day helps create a lasting attachment, whether it's a peaceful cuddle on the couch in the evening or playing catch the mouse.

5. A Gentle Massage Is Gratifying

Giving your cat a gentle cat massage helps to improve blood flow and is incredibly gratifying to most cats. Rub your hands over their coat to check for matted hair or to find any sores that might require veterinary attention.

Petting Their Head

6. Petting Their Head

Regarding caressing, it's crucial to remember that cats are not like dogs. According to studies, they prefer having their head or face petted over their rump or the area next to their tail.

7. Encourage Them To Hunt For Treats Or Toys

Satisfy their urge to move about. Cats are intelligent animals with innate hunting abilities. To encourage them to go on the hunt, find ways to bury their favourite toys or rewards.

Chat With Your Cat

8. Chat With Your Cat

When you chat to your cat, watch to see if they brush up against your leg or answer with trills, meows, or purrs. You become their trusted companion as you imitate their sounds more and more.

9. Provide Clean Drinking Water

Provide your animal companion 24/7 access to clean drinking water by using a water fountain.

Keep Its Water Dish Or Fountain Clean

10. Keep Its Water Dish Or Fountain Clean

Ensure that the water dish for your cat is kept tidy. You must clean the bowl daily to stop this buildup from happening if you notice pink or black buildup. Germs cause this buildup.

11. Don’t Stare At Your Cat

One of their communication techniques is the cat stare. So, by gazing tenderly into their eyes, you can join in on their dialogue. However, if you stare at them directly, they might pounce on you, so be sure to blink slowly every so often.

12. Enrich Your Cat’s Life

Give your fluffy companion opportunities for enrichment by putting a bird feeder outside a window where it can watch the activity of the birds.


13. Treats

Treats give your furry friend's everyday diet some variation. Think about several treats, from crunchy snacks to canned fish like sardines. While fishy smells may be a little overpowering to your human nose, your cat will adore receiving the occasional fishy treat.

14. Veterinary Check-Ups

Keep your veterinary checkups. Even though it could be challenging to convince your furry friend to go outside, such appointments are necessary to keep your cat healthy.

Provide A Window Seat

15. Provide A Window Seat

Most felines like to relax in the sunshine or observe birds from a window. By providing them with their window seat, you may make it simple for them to locate a secure location to perch.

16. Be Gentle When You Pick Up Your Feline Companion

If a cat is frightened and lifted off the ground without warning, they are more likely to stab you in the arm or leg when you pick them up. They will feel more at ease when you take them up or pull them to you if you gently stroke them down on their level.

17. Train Them For Good Behaviour

You should divert your kitty to safe and suitable behaviour rather than shouting at them for engaging in behaviours you wish them to stop. Move them to a scratching post if, for instance, they are rubbing against a couch.

Socialize Them When They Are Young

18. Socialize Them When They Are Young

The younger you start introducing situations like having your dog's nails clipped, visiting a groomer, using a kennel, or going for a ride in a car, the more likely they will get used to it. Your adorable feline can be socialized in this way.

19. Keep Them Safely Indoors

Only you can determine the level of safety in your immediate area. You might rest assured that your cat will be safe inside and outside if you reside on a farm or in a rural area.

However, if you live in a city, your cat will face much more risks if you let them go outside. You may keep them indoors happy and safe by giving them plenty of stimulating activities.

Videos To Entertain Your Pet

20. Videos To Entertain Your Pet

You'll be shocked to learn that your cat might watch videos. Your cat will become intensely focused on the screen if you play movies of fish swimming in a tank or pond or birds twittering about. You shouldn't be shocked if they occasionally try to pounce.

21. Marking Their Territory

Cats don't merely groom themselves when it comes to grooming. They shape their territory. And you belong to that neighbourhood. If they sit close to you and groom themselves, they might lick your arm or hands.

They employ this behaviour naturally to leave their fragrance on the people they are closest to. Therefore, you shouldn't be afraid of it.

Teach Them Tricks

22. Teach Them Tricks

Are you aware that you can teach your cat new tricks? You COULD! To learn all the entertaining skills, you can teach your amiable pet, be sure to read 100 Tricks to Teach Your Pets.

23. Scratching For Protection

Cats scratch naturally out of instinct. They must maintain their claws' sharpness in the wild to protect themselves and to hunt prey. You can give them surfaces like this scratching post within your house so they can fulfill their craving for scratching.

Scratch Posts

24. Scratch Posts

Regarding scratching, remember that your property requires more than one scratch post. You'll need a few scratching posts scattered around the house unless you want your cat to stay in one room, which is never a good idea. Try different shapes, such as tall and lean, flat and low, and scratch pads placed higher up for stretching and climbing.

25. Never Declaw Them!

Let's discuss claws! Nobody enjoys having their cat scratch them, and no one wants their cats to destroy their carpeting or furniture.

However, declawing a cat is a medical surgery with potentially serious outcomes. Most people are unaware that veterinarians amputate the first knuckles of the paws to remove the claws from the root.

This painful operation may turn your kit into a biter or result in additional joint damage to their paws. You should be able to completely prevent scratching accidents by providing them with secure scratching alternatives and treating them gently.

How They Show You Their Trust

26. How They Show You Their Trust

Your feline friend trusts you if they expose their tummy to you rather than just asking for a belly rub. They are placing themselves in danger, so they feel secure and content when they do this with you.

27. Shy Felines

What can you do if it comes out that your cat is a scaredy cat? You know, the cat who hides and freaks out at every disturbance or when a visitor enters the house.

According to research, utilizing a pheromone diffuser can make your cat feel at home. Do not be concerned; this diffuser has no odour to people.


28. Pheromones

Speaking of pheromones, your cats' cheeks contain unique glands that release pheromones. They will brush their cheek on their surroundings to leave their aroma when they are content and secure.

Therefore, when they rub their cheek on your arm or leg, they establish a connection with you. When they do this, gently compliment them. You can occasionally gently stroke their face with your hands as a sign of love.

29. Headbutting

Has your cat ever appeared to touch your head with its head while you were lying next to them?

While this behaviour may appear odd, it is one of the ways they mark you with pheromones. They leave their scent on you when they do this because their scent gland is engaged. When your cat does this, don't chastise them—it's just another display of their love for you.

30. Ball Of Yarn

Roll up a ball of yarn for hours of entertaining play. They'll roll it, scratch at it, toss it into the air and attempt to separate those yarn strings. It's a great activity to do with your pet. It would be best to supervise your feline companion so she doesn’t get entangled.

Each Cat Is Different

31. Each Cat Is Different

Keep in mind that every cat is different and has its personality.

Some cats want to be by your side constantly. Others prefer their alone time but occasionally come out for a little attention before leaving. Being mindful of its requirements may encourage your cat to feel at ease in its surroundings.

32. Litterbox

Your cat needs a tidy, secure area to care for its litter. While taking care of your pet's needs, this automatic cleaning litter system makes your job easier.

Scoop Frequently

33. Scoop Frequently

If you don't have an automatic litter box, practice scooping it frequently throughout the day and thoroughly cleaning it once a week.

34. Find The Perfect Location For The Litterbox

Recognize that where your litter box is located is important. Cats prefer to relieve themselves in secret. Put your box in a peaceful, low-traffic area that is nevertheless conveniently available anytime they need it. Additionally, never place it near their food. You and the cats won't approach the area where their food is kept.

35. Don’t Force The Relationship

Don't compel their friendship. According to a Swiss study, cats can develop various relationships with family members.

A Neat Way To Greet Your Cat

36. A Neat Way To Greet Your Cat

When you meet your cat, place your finger close to its nose to emulate cat behaviour. Cats frequently bump and sniff one other's noses as a greeting. You say hello to them by extending your finger in a non-threatening manner.

37. Avoid Overfeeding

It can be tempting to feed your cat snacks all day to show them how much you care. However, it's crucial to avoid overfeeding your cat. Similar to people, a cat who is overweight isn't healthy.

According to studies, overweight cats are less inclined to engage and express affection. By providing your cat with a nutritious and balanced diet, you can demonstrate your love for them.

Toy Wand With Feathers

38. Toy Wand With Feathers

Cats in the wild are sly hunters that stalk their prey. With the help of a simple toy wand with feathers, you can imitate this behaviour in your home. Let them stalk and pounce to keep your kitty actively involved with their instincts.

39. What Not To Feed Your Cats

Ensure that you are knowledgeable about the things that cats should never consume! Contrary to popular belief, cats do not need milk, and studies have shown that many of them are lactose intolerant.

Other common household items such as chocolate, onions, grapes, coffee, and other sources of caffeine are toxic to cats.

Pet Safe House Plants

40. Pet Safe House Plants

While it's common for humans to want a few houseplants to keep your cats safe, make sure you only keep plants suitable for pets.

You may ensure your home is as safe and non-toxic as possible by using the following cat-safe houseplants.

  • Ponytail Palm
  • Air Plants. Tillandsia varieties
  • Calathea Prayer Plant
  • Rattlesnake Plant
  • Calathea Peacock
  • Hibiscus
  • Bromeliad

41. Creatures Of Habit

Your cat's natural tendency is to eat at the same time every day. Because they are creatures of habit, it is wise to maintain a consistent schedule for their feeding times. Most cat experts agree that feeding your cat no more than twice daily is ideal.

What To Feed Your Cat
Our cat Tiny is eating homemade dog food out of a huge bowl.

42. What To Feed Your Cat

Regarding diet, dry food is healthy for cats. It has been designed to provide them with all the nutrition they require.

Don't switch brands too frequently. While mixing things up with canned wet food or a few sardines is sometimes acceptable, general consistency is preferable.


>>>We make our own dog food which our cats love<<<


Empty Cardboard Boxes

43. Empty Cardboard Boxes

Empty cardboard boxes placed wisely in various locations throughout the home can aid cats who like to hide. However, don't just leave them there; occasionally replace them with new boxes of different sizes and relocate these hidden places. Additionally, it would help if you cared to keep those hiding places tidy for your devoted friend.

44. Create Space Between Furniture And Walls

Make spaces between the furniture and the walls to give your tabby another area to hide. Cats will snuggle themselves in and stay hidden for hours. You can also employ impromptu hiding places for your pet, such as under the stairs or by raising the bed with risers.

45. Natural Dry Skin Remedy For Cats

Are you aware that the skin on your cat can grow dry? It might, particularly during the winter or when the humidity is low. Applying some raw coconut oil on their coat will assist in soothing their skin and prevent it from chafing.

Microchip Your Pets

46. Microchip Your Pets

Many veterinarians and adoption facilities give the option of tagging your cat as a safety measure. Placing a microchip in your cat will make it easier for you to find it if it ever escapes and wanders off. If it is discovered by animal control, they can locate its residence and contact you. To help with this issue, you need a collar with tags, at the very least.

47. Spaying And Neutering

Some individuals find the concept of neutering or spaying their pets difficult. However, the truth is that unless you intend to breed your cat, spaying or neutering will result in a far more comfortable and healthy life for them. By the age of five months, you must do this.

Assist With Grooming

48. Assist With Grooming

Although cats naturally groom themselves, they occasionally need your assistance.

They can prevent matted hair by using a soft-bristled brush. Additionally, occasionally help them clean places they might not be able to reach by using kitty wipes.

49. Vaccines

To protect them from several feline ailments, cats must receive vaccinations similar to those given to dogs. In addition to doing your research and asking plenty of questions, discuss with your veterinarian what is important for them.

Expression Of Trust

50. Expression Of Trust

It might seem slightly offensive to you when they display their hindquarters. However, for them, they are demonstrating their trust in you. So instead of shooing them away, reach out and pat their head to show them that you appreciate their attention.

51. Therapy Animals For Grieving People

Cats can sense when something is off quite well. When you or a loved one feels unwell, they are more likely to show affection. Did you know that many hospices use cats as therapy animals to comfort the grieving?

52. Oxytocin Hormone

Oxytocin, the hormone that makes people joyful, is also present in cats. This implies that when you interact with them and are happy, you will experience a sense of tranquillity and peace since your happy hormones will match theirs. Because of this, it's wise to play with and pet your amiable pet frequently.

53. Pet First Aid Kit

Accidents might happen occasionally, but by keeping a pet first aid kit in your home, you can be ready to handle small pet emergencies.

Your Cat’s Tail Language

54. Your Cat’s Tail Language

Cats in the wild utilize their tails to communicate numerous signals to one another. Their tail may be twitching as they prepare to pounce if it is. When they approach you and slightly curl their tail, they are amiable and non-aggressive. If you notice them wrapping their tail around your arm or leg, it's similar to how people hold hands.

55. Kneading

Allow your cat to knead… Yes, it can hurt. But when a cat rubs against you, it displays affection. You can prevent ouchies while allowing the cat to knead close to you by putting a thick, soft barrier between yourself and them, such as a  cushion or blanket.

Comfortable Sleeping Area

56. Comfortable Sleeping Area

Provide a comfortable sleeping area for your cat. Purchase a cat bed, and place it in their preferred sleeping area. They'll quickly have moulded it to fit their body and made it uniquely their own.

57. Spraying

Everyone has heard horror tales about the infamous cat that sprays everywhere. Avoid punishing them for their normal conduct. Attempt these methods instead to try and change their behaviour:

  1. Make sure they have a secure, CLEAN litter box first. They can find their way by keeping their box tidy.
  2. Second, consult your cat's doctor to determine whether anything is wrong.
  3. Third, try utilizing a biological enzymatic cleanser to eliminate any odour from previously marked areas.

Visit Blue Cross for Pets for additional information on preventing cat spraying.

Thoughtful Presents From Your Cat

58. Thoughtful Presents From Your Cat

When your cat brings you a “present” like a dead or alive mouse, chipmunk or even a squirrel, they tell you that you're their favourite person. She wants to share her favourite food with you. They want your approval. So make sure to compliment her on being a good cat.

59. Play Or Affectionate Biting

Cats frequently nip at one another to express affection. You could occasionally notice your cat biting your fingers in this manner. Do not yell or overreact.

They're just expressing their affection for you. To express your love in return, gently remove your fingers and touch them on the cheek.

60. Treat Release Toys

A treat release toy, like this mouse toy, allows your scavenger cat to work for her food, which serves as an enrichment activity.

61. Scent Glands

Did you know that cats also have scent glands in their paws? They do, and occasionally you'll notice that they're using their paw to stroke your hand delicately. It's OK to return the favour.

Purring During Relaxation

62. Purring During Relaxation

A cat will purr to indicate satisfaction. You can encourage this tendency by softly massaging their neck when they are purring.

63. Purring Due To Pain Or Discomfort

However, did you realize that purring can sometimes signify a problem? You should check with a vet to ensure your cat is healthy if the tone or sound of its purr changes.

64. Permit Them To Rub You!

They leave their distinct aroma on us as they rub their bodies against our legs or arms. They use it to signal, “this is my human.” By softly caressing them from nose to tail, you can help them imitate this activity. However, not all cats will allow you to pet their tails, so use caution.

Conclusion To How To Show Your Cats You Love Them


Do you have a cat that follows you around? They express their want to be with you in this way. You can occasionally imitate this behaviour by simply following them around the house.

Cats are finicky creatures, and you can’t force your cat to love you. Disrespecting her personal space — or going too far the other way and ignoring her completely — won’t contribute to your human-feline friendship.

However, you can take the steps mentioned here to slowly build a bond with your cat — on their terms, of course!

I trust you enjoyed this article on How To Show Your Cats You Love Them. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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