20 Best Male Dog Names With Meaning

20 Best Male Dog Names With Meaning

When you think of a name for your dog, what comes to mind? Probably something like Cocker or Bulldog. But what if you had a name that had more than one meaning? If you were born into a family with a dog, you might be thinking of names like Bebe or Biscuit. But there are plenty of other dog names with multiple meanings that are perfect for cheering pet owners. Here are some of the best male dog names with meaning, and how they would fit into your life as a pet owner.

The Best Male Dog Names With Meaning

The Importance Of Meaning In Dog Names

Dog names are an important part of the dog's identity. That's why it's so important to pick the perfect name for your new addition There are lots of different meanings to dog names. Some names mean good luck or prosperity, while others mean tough. And there are even some that have multiple meanings.

The meaning of a name can make an impact on your relationship with your dog. There are so many different options for male dog names—and you must choose one that fits your personality and lifestyle. Dog naming is a special part of the pet-owning process, and it can be hard to get away from its role as a unique way to connect with your canine family member. But in choosing a name for your dog, don't forget to consider how it will impact how you relate to your pup!

How To Find The Perfect Male Dog Name With Meaning

It can be hard to find the perfect name for your pup. The right name will help you feel more connected to him and will also help him find his new identity. And of course, you want something that fits with your pup's personality.

The average dog hears its name about 2000 times a day. A new name can help your pup learn who he is! It can also be helpful if you need to change his name because the one you chose doesn't suit him anymore or if he has an unpleasant association with it.

If you're looking for inspiration on naming your dog, take a look at some of our favorite male names below.

What Are The Best Male Dog Names With Meaning?

HAS A FARM? Then name your dog “Farming” and you'll be sure to get a lot of attention from the ladies.

RUSSIAN RIFLEMAN? Get the “Rifleman” dog and then use the word rifle to remind people that you're a real gun owner.

HALLOWEEN READER? Then name your dog “Halloween Reader” and let everyone know that you're reading scary books on Halloween.

DAIRY FARMERS? The “Dairy Farmer” is perfect for guys who are passionate about farming in general!

The Top 20 Male Dog Names With Meaning

Male dog names have meaning and that is why we compiled a list of the top 10 male dog names with meanings. What is a good name for your pup? These are the top 10 names for male dogs with meanings.

1. Bledsoe

A nickname that means “bloody” or “bleeding.” A perfect fit for one of our favorite players, Blake Bledsoe, who was named after his father's brother. This is also the name of a street in Jacksonville, Florida, which has been named after him since 2010.

2. BearTrapper

A Native American term meaning “bear trapper,” this name is also used as an insult by people who think it sounds too feminine because they don't know how to pronounce it properly. It's what you'd call someone who goes around attacking bear cubs when you find them on the trail in your neighbourhood. Also known as “bearskin rug” in England; there are several variations on this term depending on where you live and speak English.

3. Beartrap

An old-time saying (originally meant to be said in such a way that couldn't be heard), this nickname refers to someone who traps others' dogs so

4. King Kong

This is a masculine name for male dogs. It comes from the idea that female dogs are named Queen Kong (for her protective nature).

5. Big Dog

This is another masculine name for males. It comes from the idea that male dogs are bigger than female dogs and usually carry more weight and bulk than females.

6. Champagne

This is another masculine name for males. It comes from the idea that a male dog has high energy levels. You may want to train your dog to go after this stuff and get him or her tired!

7. Dingo

Dingo – meaning wild animal; often used in Australia, this was the original name for the Australian Shepherd breed)

8. Double

Double – also called double-barreled, these two words mean “bigger than big” or “larger than bigger”. Grunt – these two words mean pleased; while they're similar in meaning, they're also slightly different from each other and could have different meanings depending on the context. Iggy – these two words mean brave or fierce; while they're similar in meaning, they're also slightly different from each other and could have different

9. Boss

The meaning of this dog name relates to the boss in business situations or anyone who has authority over others. Bosses are hard-working and fair leaders who can make decisions quickly and act on them decisively.

10. Calico

This dog name sounds like “California” which refers to the state of California, where he was born and raised. Calico dogs are known as “aloof” because they're aloof and unapproachable.

11. Fang

The name “Fang” comes from the term “fangs,” which means sharp teeth. The name comes from the phrase, “He has fangs like a vampire.” It is also a play on words for the word, “forward.”

This name might be perfect for your dog if he likes to hunt or be bold.

12. Gentle Giant

The name “Gentle Giant” is a manly way to describe your dog. The term originated in medieval times as a description of great strength and physical power. It's derived from the Greek word, “Megas,” which means gigantic. The term was then later used as a nickname for large farm animals such as cattle and horses. The nickname has now been adopted into popular culture and is often used as an endearing term for an overprotective or gentle person.

If you're looking for a unique name that will give your dog character, this might be perfect! You should also consider naming your pooch after someone important in your life who you feel is gentle and kind like the Gentle Giant.

13. Leo

A lion-like creature, brave and noble

14. Tucker

A courageous journeyer

15. Bo

Meaning “Beloved” or “Blessed with blessings”

16. Buddy

Meaning: “A friend or companion”

17. Bentley

Meaning: “Famed and desired horse”

18. Duke

Meaning: “A title given to a male ruler of a duchy, county, or other major estates ineligible for an inheritance”

19. Fido

Meaning: “Beloved” or “Familiar”

20. Maximilian

Meaning: “Conqueror of Mexico; emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, 1808-1864,” or someone who is mentally superior.

Why Are These Names So Popular?

There are so many famous and beautiful names for dogs to choose from. But what makes these particular names stand out? For one thing, they’re unique. They only exist in the world of fiction and movies.

Why are these names so popular? According to Dogster, “A lot of the great dog names were created by people who loved their pets, but didn't want their puppies to suffer the same fate as a beloved pet.” In other words, these names are meant to be special because they're not just made up by anyone but specially chosen for their meaning. How Would You Choose A Name For Your Pup

How Would You Choose A Name For Your Pup?

Every dog is unique and has its personality. But there are certain things that all dogs share. From their good looks to their sense of humour, from the way they like to play to their favorite food, there are a few traits that every dog shares. So what’s a name that falls under those categories?

There are many names you can use for your pet. Have a favorite breed? Name your pup after one of them! Don’t have a specific breed in mind? You could use some of these popular male dog names.

What Are The Different Types Of Names?

There are different types of names for dogs, including the common colloquial terms you’ve heard at your local pet store, as well as some names that have a deeper meaning.

Colloquially: These are usually short, easy-to-say words that indicate similar traits to a certain action or item. Sample example: “Siberian Husky” means “a husky.”

Common Colloquial Terms: These include terms like “puppy” and “cc vbuddy” that aren't always understood by those who use them in everyday speech.

Classic Dog Names: These are the most popular names for dogs and were created specifically for them. Some examples include Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, and German Shepherd.

What Are The Benefits Of A Good Dog Name?

Yes, a good dog name can be important. It's worth investing in that name because it will make your dog very happy and will help him get a better quality of life.

With a good dog name, you're letting your dog know who he is and what he stands for. He'll also have a unique personality and will get the chance to tag along with people whom he knows. When you're out at work or playing in the yard, your dog will let you know about his privacy preferences by how he walks and how long he stays out. You'll even learn about his favorite places to go when he's home alone on vacation or if you want to take him for a walk during the day. These are some of the many benefits that a good dog name has for the person who owns him:

Which Dog Name Is The Perfect Fit For You?

There are plenty of male dog names that have a meaning that is relevant to you.

Say your new dog has the nickname “Chippie,” which means corn on the cob. That could be part of your new pet's name, or it could be part of a naughty word. Finding a dog name that fits your personality and personality traits will help you with naming your new puppy.

Are There Any Bad Male Dog Names?

While some names are sure to cause a lot of controversies, others aren’t necessarily as bad as you might think. There are a few popular male dog names with meanings that could be considered “bad” and offensive.

However, it should be noted that these names aren’t the worst thing in the world. They can be quite fitting for certain breeds or personalities. What makes these games so good? Who knows? Maybe it’s the cute sound of their words or maybe it’s because they look just like your pup!

Top Male Dog Names With Phrases

To start finding the perfect moniker for your new guy, you can search by breed, color, or type of animal.

1. Search By Breed

Some of the most popular breeds of male dogs are Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Irish Setter, and more.

2. Search By Colour Or Type Of Animal

Some popular colours and types of animals are black and white, brown, gray, and tan.

3. Search By Meaning Or Phrase

When searching for a name that fits your pet's personality or wants to pay tribute to his heritage, try some phrases such as “gentle giant,” “tough guy,” “sweet soul” or “playful pup.”

How To Pick A Name

Now that your dog is here, you'll have to come up with a name. To find the perfect name for your new friend, start by coming up with a short and descriptive word that best reflects your dog's personality. For example, if you're getting a Dalmatian, try names like “Spot” or “Dazzle.” If you're getting a Lab, try something like “Chief.”

Once you've chosen a word, brainstorm some more words that describe your pet and include those words in their name. You can even use the word as an acronym for their first or last name. For example, if your dog is named Pippa and has blue eyes and wavy fur, you might call them PB (Pepper Blue) or PBW (Pippa Blue-White).

But don't stop at just one name! Let's say Pippa likes to chase squirrels but also enjoys cuddling on the couch with her momma. You could call her SQ (Squirrel Chaser) or CUD (Cuddle Up Darling).

Why Names Matter

Why Names Matter

A name can be a powerful thing. It can give your pup his identity, and help you feel like he's part of the family.

What's in a name? A lot.

Do you know how many times your pup hears his name in a day? 2000! It might seem strange, but hearing his name so often helps him get to know himself.

Names are also important when it comes to safety. If you ever have to find your pup after he's gotten lost, having an identifiable name on his collar will help him get back home more quickly.

If you're changing your pup's name for some reason, don't worry! There are lots of ways to rename your dog that won't confuse him. You can change the spelling, shorten it or just use one syllable instead of two—whatever makes sense for him!

The right name is hard to come by, but if you start early on, it'll make the process much easier. Take some time now to think about what kind of person your pup is and what kind of personality he has. This way, when the time comes to rename him, you'll know exactly what he needs.

Consider Your Dog's Personality

Before you can pick the perfect name for your dog, you need to know the basics. What's your pup's personality like? Take a look at these male dog names that have meaning and hopefully it will help you decide on the perfect name for your pup.

1. Rocky – A rough and tough name for a rough and tough pup

2. Sage – A name with wisdom

3. Winston – A strong leader with a kind heart

4. Milo – A heavenly name

5. Odin – The Norse god of war, death, wisdom

6. Malachi – Meaning ‘my messenger'

7. Xavier – The hopeful one or hopefulness personified

8. Hugo – The brilliant genius whose inventions changed our lives

Pick A Name That Is Easy To Pronounce And Spell

Pick A Name That Is Easy To Pronounce And Spell

You want to be able to pronounce your dog's name easily. As well as spell it. You should also think about the other words in the sentence. This will make it easier for you to say his name and will make it easy for others to understand his name too.

One example of a good male dog name is Ace because although the “3” is confusing, it's easy to say and spell.

Another example of a good male dog name is Dachshund although it’s a nice name, it’s difficult to say and spell.

Choosing Funny And Unique Names

A funny and unique name for your male pup is a great way to personalize him and make him feel like he's part of the family.

Choosing Easy To Say Names

It can be challenging to find a good name for your pup. If you're at a loss, we've got some ideas that might help.

When you're choosing a name for your new furry friend, it's important to think about the following things:

  • The name should suit his personality and breed type
  • It should be easy for him to learn and respond to
  • It should sound pleasant to you and others nearby

Think About The Uniqueness Of The Name

It's important to pick a name that is not too common. For example, if you name your dog Biggles, there is a good chance that another dog near you will also have the same name. You don't want your pup to get mixed up with another pup.

Picking a unique dog name will help him become more identifiable and easier for people to remember. It can also make him more attractive to potential adopters when he goes up for adoption.

A unique dog name will also help ensure that he doesn't get confused with other animals in the area. At home, this could mean knowing which cat belongs to whom or learning who's who in the dog pack. Outside of the home, it could help prevent an unfortunate mix-up that results in animal abuse or injury.

Avoid Popular Names

It's easy to fall into the trap of naming your dog something common like “Rover.” While it may be your favorite name for your pup, Rover has been used in over 1.5 million canine names in the United States.

You don't want your pup to share a name with another dog. If Rover is his nickname, then that's one thing, but you should avoid the most popular names like Spot or Max if you're looking for their full name.

It can be tough to avoid popular names because so many people are using them! But every time you name your pup something generic, it creates an opportunity for someone else to use that moniker too.

How To Remember Your Pup's Name

You might be thinking to yourself, “What's the point of a name if I'm going to forget it?” But with these tricks, you'll never forget your pup's name again!

Use a word or phrase that will stack easily in your mind. Don't choose a word that is too long or difficult to pronounce as it may be harder for you to remember.

Find something unique about your pup and use it as his name. It could be his favorite position, colour, activity, or food.

Use a letter from his name. For example, if he is called Freddie then maybe your dog is named after Fifi?


You know that feeling you get when you find your perfect name for your dog? The moment you finally find the name that suits your dog so well, and feels so right? That's the feeling we want to help you find.

We've done all the hard work, so now it's time for you to take some time and choose a name that makes your heart melt. You can never go wrong with a classic, but a name that reflects their personality will make your pup stand out from the crowd.

So take a deep breath, and start scrolling.

We hope these names provide you with some inspiration for your pup. And don't forget to make sure the name is gender-appropriate!

I trust you enjoyed this article on the 20 Best Male Dog Names With Meaning. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly.




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