Must-Have Products For Dog Owners

Must-Have Products For Dog Owners

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Must-Have Products For Dog Owners

Must-Have Products For Dog Owners

When you bring your new dog or puppy home, you're likely to feel a wide range of emotions. On the one hand, you're ecstatic about your gorgeous new pet, but you're probably also concerned about how they'll fit into your family and whether you're ready to care for them. When I brought home my dog, Addy, I experienced all of these feelings—and more!

I'm inclined to guess you're better prepared than you think, but just in case, here's my list of must-have dog supplies, compiled from my own personal experience. You'll be totally prepared for anything dog ownership throws at you with these items on hand, allowing you to relax and enjoy every minute with your new puppy.

A Dog Collar That Is The Right Size

First and foremost, your dog will require a collar. If you adopt from a shelter or a breeder, they may provide you with a collar, but chances are you'll want one that matches your style. When searching for a dog collar, choose one that is the correct size for your dog, has a quick-release clasp for safety, and a durable D-ring for attaching a leash. Dog tags can also be attached to extra loops on collars like this one from Blueberry Pet so they don't get in the way of your leash.

A Crate For Obligatory Naps

It is entirely up to you whether or not you crate-train your dog, but many pet owners and expert trainers encourage it. I crated Addy until she was around 6 months old, simply to make sure she didn't wreck anything or have accidents throughout the night while I was gone.

If you do decide to crate-train, the Frisco Wire Dog Crate is a good choice because it has a dividing panel for growing dogs and folds up for convenient transport. Because accidents happen, it also includes two doors and an easy-to-clean plastic base.

A Cool, Comfortable Bed That's Perfect For Chewing Dogs

A Cool, Comfortable Bed That's Perfect For Chewing Dogs

Many pet owners desire soft, comfy beds for their dogs, but if you're not sure if your new dog is a chewer, you might want to go with one of these elevated dog beds instead. The elevated design of these beds, which include a steel frame wrapped in durable, PVC-coated fabric, will keep your dog cooler on hot days. Dogs seem to enjoy this bed, and several reviewers point out that you can cover it with a blanket or towel if you want to offer your dog more comfortable.

This Brilliant Product Makes Bathing A Breeze

Most dogs despise baths, but with the Aquapaw Slow Treater Dispensing Mat, you may persuade them otherwise. This silicone mat has a nubby surface, and all you have to do is apply peanut butter over the bumps before sticking it to the bathtub wall. Your dog can lick the peanut butter to its hearts' content, and you won't even notice as you wash them. I have one, and it's the only reason my dog enjoys bath time!

A Food Storage Container That Is Airtight

Mice, cockroaches, and other undesirable pests may break into your dog food supply if you don't store it in an airtight container. These stackable pet food containers, which can carry up to 40 or 60 pounds of kibble and have handy spin-off lids, are a popular choice for dog food. Their airtight seal keeps pests out and odours in, and they're made of heavy-duty, BPA-free food-grade plastic.

A Pet Gate Can Be Used To Close Off Different Rooms.

A Pet Gate Can Be Used To Close Off Different Rooms

A “baby” gate will be your best friend whether you want to keep your dog out of the kitchen, away from the cat litter box, or from going upstairs. Carlson Pet Products' extra-wide gate fits doors with widths ranging from 29 to 36.5 inches and features a convenient walk-through design that you can lock. In addition, the bottom of the gate has a tiny door in case you have a cat or small dog that needs to pass through.

For Your Everyday Walks, A Robust Leash Is Essential

Another necessary item for dog owners is a leash, but not all leashes are created equal. Personally, I prefer leashes with double handles, which have a loop at the end of the leash as well as a loop halfway down for when you want to keep your dog near to you. This particular double-handle leash is 6 feet long and composed of heavy-duty nylon, with luminous stitching for nighttime walking.

A Set Of Dog Dishes That Can Be Washed

These cheap stainless steel bowls are a terrific option for your new dog's food and water bowls. They have a rubber base to avoid skidding and protect your floors, and they have a 4-34% cup capacity, so they're perfect for medium to large dogs. Plus, if the bowls get dirty, you can easily clean them by tossing them in the dishwasher.

A Food Mat Helps To Keep Dinnertime Messes To A Minimum

A Food Mat Helps To Keep Dinnertime Messes To A Minimum

It's also a good idea to invest in a food mat, which will protect your floor from your dog's food dish. When my dog started playing in her water dish, I bought one of these to contain the mess and keep my hardwood floors from becoming wet. The silicone mat includes a raised lip to collect spillage and is stain-resistant, making cleanup a breeze.

Keep Your Dog Occupied With A Kong Toy (Or Two)

Addy used to have a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and fruit every night before bedtime because that was the only way she would go to sleep without making a fuss in her crate. Even though she's grown up, I still use our Kong toy to keep her occupied when I'm at work or if we'll be gone all day. We actually have four of them!

As you can see, I'm a major admirer of the Kong, which is simply a hollow rubber toy. You may fill it with a variety of treats or food to keep your dog entertained for hours.

For Hot Days, A Unique Doggie Water Bottle Is Available

If you've ever gone hiking with your dog, you know how vital it is to have enough water for both of you, and if you don't want to share your water bottle, this product will be perfect for you. Because you can squeeze water into the bowl for your dog to drink, this portable water bottle and bowl in one is really useful. When your dog has finished drinking, simply open the bottle and let the residual water drip back down into the interior—no water is lost!

A Long-Lasting, Simple Flea And Tick Collar

Flea and tick treatment comes in a variety of forms, but the famous Seresto Flea and Tick Collar are one of the most long-lasting. Seresto collars last eight months, unlike topical medication, which must be used once a month. They're odourless and non-greasy, and they release a low concentration of drugs over a long period of time.

This Article Will Assist You In Training Your New Puppy.

This Article Will Assist You In Training Your New Puppy

When people ask how I trained Addy, I always recommend puppy school and this book. I taught Addy all of her fundamental instructions using the five-week approach given in Dawn Sylvia-book Stasiewicz's Training the Best Dog Ever, which was published by Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz, who has trained the dogs of multiple presidents. Plus, the technique isn't only for puppies; it can also be utilized with adult dogs, which is ideal if you're bringing home a rescue.

A Top-Rated Ear Infection Therapy

Every dog's ears will become dirty, itchy, and stinky at some point in their lives, and you'll be glad you have this product on hand. The Zymox Otic Pet Ear Therapy is an over-the-counter treatment for bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections that cleans and treats your dog's ear problems once a day. It also includes hydrocortisone, which helps to reduce irritation and inflammation.

This Dog Brush Has Developed A Cult Following

Many pet parents swear by the FURminator, a wonderful dog brush that will save you a lot of time and effort in vacuuming pet hair from your carpets and furnishings. The brush is available in two styles for long and short-haired dogs, and it's exceptionally effective at removing loose undercoat hair without cutting the skin or hurting the topcoat. The FURminator is more expensive than comparable brushes, but it's worth it if your dog sheds a lot, according to reviewers.

At-Home Grooming Using Nail Clippers

Because it's crucial to cut your dog's nails at home if they don't go to the groomer on a regular basis if they don't go to the groomer on a regular basis. These famous dog nail clippers consistently offer clean cuts, allowing you to do this grooming duty quickly, and there's even a built-in safety stop to prevent you from cutting the nail too short.

This All-In-One Dog Shampoo And Conditioner Smells Fantastic

This All-In-One Dog Shampoo And Conditioner Smells Fantastic

Your dog will most likely stink after a long day of swimming or playing in the dirt! It's time to get out of the licking mat and give them a good bath if this happens. The Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo and Conditioner is a top-rated product among pet parents, who claim it leaves their dogs incredibly soft and smelling great. It's also soft enough for sensitive-skinned dogs.

These Rubber Toy Balls Are Made To Last

Shopping for your dog's toys may be a lot of fun, and Chuckit! Balls should definitely be on the list. These rubber balls are highly durable, especially for dogs who enjoy destroying toys, and their bright orange hue makes them easy to detect in your yard. You can also acquire a special Chuckit! Launcher to go with them, which allows you to launch the balls into the air for some fierce retrieve games.

For Your Good Boy Or Girl, A Large Package Of Snacks

Milk-Bone is perhaps one of the most popular dog treats available, as it is both popular with dogs and inexpensive. For about $12, you can get a 10-pound box of medium-sized snacks that will last you months! Milk-Bones are supplemented with 12 vitamins and minerals, and their crunchy texture aids in the removal of plaque and tartar, keeping your dog's teeth healthy.

Poop Bags That Will Last For A Long Time

Poop bags are a must, especially if you don't have your own yard, they aren't the most spectacular purchase you'll make for your dog. Fortunately, many stores sell poop bags in multi-packs, assuring that you'll have enough for several months.

After An Accident, Use This Powerful Odour Spray To Refresh The Carpet

There are several stain and odour removers on the market, but few can get rid of puppy odours as quickly and effectively as this Rocco & Roxie pet spray. The stain remover's potent, fast-acting solution is designed specifically for the less glamorous aspects of puppy parenting (aka pee on the carpet and vomit on the floor). It contains enzymatic bacteria that are triggered when they come into touch with scents and feed on ammonia crystals and organic materials to eliminate the stink completely. It's chlorine-free and suitable for both children and dogs.

The Small Shoes That Keep Paws Safe From Gravel, Snow, And Other Hazards

The Small Shoes That Keep Paws Safe From Gravel, Snow, And Other Hazards

Thorns and brambles, heated asphalt, glass shards, rusty nails, and de-icing salt are just a few of the risks that can be found on sidewalks and trails. These thick dog booties have tough, non-slip soles to keep their feet safe and protected from the weather. They're also completely waterproof, which means you can go play in a muddy park and not have to spend 20 minutes cleaning their paws down with a towel when you get home. They come in four colours and seven sizes to fit any breed.

A Calming Pressure Coat That Aids Anxious Dogs In Feeling More At Ease

This doggy anxiety jacket will feel like a comforting companion to your little man if he gets frightened easily. By exerting mild, continuous pressure throughout the day, the innovative design helps to soothe canine anxiety. Whether they're freaked out from fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet appointments, or other anxiety-inducing circumstances, the consequence is a sense of safety and security. It's a terrific method to calm your dog down without resorting to sedatives or other medicines.

The Feeder That Is Ideal For Dogs Who Eat A Little Too Quickly

Is your dog wolfing down the entire bowl of food as soon as it's placed on the ground? If that's the case, our slow-feed dog bowl will teach your overzealous canine to relax during mealtime and learn to eat more slowly, increasing digestion and minimizing bloating. It provides a small puzzle to complete in addition to portion management, keeping his or her mind occupied as they eat.

A Tough Seat Cover That Will Prevent Your Car's Interior From Being Destroyed

A Tough Seat Cover That Will Prevent Your Car's Interior From Being Destroyed

Imagine driving a car that is free of dog fur and muddy paw prints.

This ingenious pet seat cover is composed of a tough, water-resistant cloth that protects your vehicle from fur and shedding, mud, filth, scratches, and chewing. It may be used as a standard bench seat cover or transformed into a hammock that protects both sides of the chairs while providing Fido with a cradled space to sit in. It is totally machine washable and features Velcro holes for seat belts.

A Calming Plush Animal With A Real Heartbeat

Dogs are herd animals who require the company of others to feel safe. Although it appears to be a simple plush animal, it is actually a behavioural help toy designed to relieve anxiety and provide a warm body for your dog to sleep close to. The item comes with a heart-shaped ticker that emits a throbbing beat, akin to a beating heart, to replicate the loving sense of a mama dog. The soothing toy is ideal for thunderstorms, fireworks, and other scary situations for your pet.

A Moisturizing Balm That Prevents Their Paws From Cracking And Drying

This paw wax treatment, made with calming vitamin E, protects their feet from wounds and scrapes while leaving no scent or odour. The wax-based balm applies like a cream to the pads of their paws and dries quickly, producing a protective coating to keep them safe from the outdoors. Abrasions, scorching, dryness, and cracking are also reduced.

“I live in the Northeast, where I deal with snow, salt, ice, and searing pavement in the summertime, and this stuff is an incredible miracle,” one satisfied Amazon buyer stated. “I went out today and bought three additional containers for my dog to give out as Christmas gifts to her buddies. It really is that good.”

An Ultra-Portable Collapsible Dog Bowl For On-The-Go Life

An Ultra-Portable Collapsible Dog Bowl For On-The-Go Life

This collapsible dog bowl is made of durable silicone and is the finest thing ever for people on the go. Fill the large dish halfway with 12 ounces of water or 1.5 cups of food, then press it together to store it. It comes with a clip-on carabiner that may be used to secure it to a backpack when hiking or to secure it to a crate while travelling.

To Assist With Potty Training, Create A Fake Patch Of Grass

Whether you have a potty-training puppy or live in an apartment where it's difficult to get outside quickly to train your dog, this artificial grass mat gives your dog a place to do their thing indoors without giving them the impression that they're allowed to pee inside. The top layer is an odour-resistant, anti-microbial mat, while the bottom layer is a plastic insert that catches fluids and drains them into a collection tray. Simply rinse the mat with soapy water to clean it.

A Seven-Month Long-Lasting Flea And Tick Collar

Instead of monthly flea and tick treatments, keep the bugs at bay with this flea and tick collar. The odourless, grease-free collar kills fleas and ticks on contact, allowing you to save all of the money you'd spend on traditional flea treatments each month. The collar lasts seven months and has a low concentration, continuous-release design.

A Pooper Scooper That Allows You To Pick Up Waste Without Bending Over

Never again will you have to bend over to scoop up dog excrement with a thin little sack – this ingenious waste scooper allows you to accomplish everything while standing upright, avoiding getting your hands dirty. The spring-loaded scooper is simple to operate and collects waste in one stroke. Keep it in your backyard to keep the grass tidy, or take it with you on walks to avoid scooping the grass.

A Black Light That Can Detect Where Your Dog Peed While You Were Away Is Available.

A Black Light That Can Detect Where Your Dog Peed While You Were Away Is Available

Use this ingenious black light to scan the house the next time your dog gives you that guilty face and you can't figure out why. The specific UV rays can identify urine, allowing you to pinpoint the source of the odour and dispose of it as promptly as possible. “This stuff is amazing,” one Amazon user said. “It displays every single stain from when our dog was a puppy and still has accidents on the carpet over the years.”

A Practical Bag In Which They May Store Their Treats And Accessories

This convenient training pouch holds your dog's hearty kibbles and treats and can be slung over your shoulder when you go to the park. It has a convenient drawstring top and a main pocket that can carry both dog toys and treats. It contains a built-in poop bag holder and two rings to hang training clickers, as well as a removable waistline and robust metal belt clasp if you don't want to wear it over your shoulder.

A Chew Toy That Aids In The Cleaning Of Your Dog's Teeth

This chew toy is precisely intended to help scrub your dog's teeth clean if they could use a little dental refreshment. The serrated grooves work to remove tartar from the back teeth, while the raised grooves and bumps softly remove plaque. One reviewer said, “My golden lab Sandy adores this toy.” “The rope is long enough for us to play tug of war, yet she hasn't chewed the knot off!” This is something I would strongly suggest.”

I trust you enjoyed this article on Must-Have Products For Dog Owners. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!



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