An Overview Of Aura-Soma

An Overview Of Aura-Soma

An Overview Of Aura-Soma

An Overview Of Aura-Soma

Vicky Wall, a British pharmacist and chiropodist, developed Aura-Soma, a chromotherapy approach and a colour divination system based on colour. It is akin to other types of divination, such as tarot, the I Ching, and the Kabbalah, and it has been linked to numerous notions from Jungian psychology and mythology studies.

While it does not promise to be able to heal in the same way as acupuncture or other therapeutic methods do, practitioners believe it can assist in identifying the cause of sickness (referred to as dis-ease).

What Exactly Is Aura-Soma?

Aura-basic Soma's concept is that colour is a global language that connects all theologies and schools of psychology. It is a part of the universe's entire order. Colour is a tool for making connections, with each colour representing a distinct part of life. Colour combinations chosen by an individual have a lot of spiritual and psychological meaning for practitioners.

Colour is associated with distinct body areas and their underlying physical structure in traditional systems such as the Chakras. These physical characteristics are linked to emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

Equilibrium bottles are two-tone bottles that depict colour pairings. These bottles are produced with organic oil and water in two colours (usually two different colours, but some bottles are monotone).

Each bottle is coloured to reflect a set of symbolic, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical notions. Each bottle has a name and is numbered from 0 to 105 (more are being added regularly). The bottles are named after related figures, such as the Tarot's major arcana and the Seven Archangels.

History Of Aura-Soma

History Of Aura-Soma

Vicky Wall developed a comprehensive fine-material therapy called Aura-Soma. “We are the colours we chose, representing your life's requirements.” The holistic Aura-Soma Therapy, established by the English pharmacist Vicky Wall (1918-1991) in 1984 to improve and expand the spiritual, mental, and emotional state of mind, lies at the heart of this guiding principle.

The word “Aura-Soma” comes from the Latin “aura” (air) and the ancient Greek “soma” (breath) (body). According to Aura-Soma practitioners, the combination of these phrases already has a healing vibration. Today, Aura-Soma is a trademark of Aura-Soma Products Ltd., an English firm that, according to its website, mixes healing energy from colours, jewels, and plants.

What Types Of Products Does Aura-Soma Sell Under Its Brand?



Pomanders assist you in cleansing and recharging your energetic system. They can be chosen based on their colours or the Equilibrium bottles you've chosen. These magical products can help restore balance and focus on your intention for the day for those who deal with daily stress.


The heart of the Aura-Soma system was described by Vicky Wall as “the window to the soul.” The dual-coloured bottles contain natural plant colours and crystal energies that help you understand yourself better.

By selecting colours that resonate with you and applying them to your body, you will be able to integrate the necessary energies and gain a deeper understanding of your situation.

Colour Essences

Colour Essences

These products work in tandem with the Equilibrium bottles to help you ground your emotions and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth. They're the ideal complement to your overall well-being. Simply add a few drops to your bath or pulse points to notice a shift in your energy.


Using three drops can help you understand yourself better if you have a mindfulness practice such as meditation or contemplation. The Quintessences, in collaboration with the ascended masters, facilitate the eternal flow of positive energy, allowing empowerment and greater access to what and who you are.


The Archangeloi sprays are named after the archangels. Archangeloi can help activate light seeds in your aura, increasing your connection to and expression of your ongoing soul-purpose and highest possibility for this life.

During times of significant change, they also help focus your intention and recognize your accomplishments better. This is best used before meditation or prayer and is extremely helpful to those seeking support.

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Aura-Soma Products?

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Aura-Soma Products?

Aura-Soma adheres to the ‘soil to soul' philosophy. Everything, from the ingredients to the manufacturing, is done in the most natural way possible. Shire Farm, Aura-Biodynamic Soma's Farm, grows as many of the ingredients used in its products as possible.

What it cannot grow in the UK, it sources as much as possible from other Biodynamic growers, and Mike Booth (Chairman of Aura-Soma) is a big proponent of promoting this method of cultivation globally.

Nature and powerful energy can heal the soul. Aura-Soma manufacturers and suppliers share their premium standards with biodynamic farming and ensure that everything is done in absolute good energy without harming any species.Since its inception in 1983 they have adhered to a cruelty-free philosophy.

Aura-Soma Colour Therapy

Begoa Siegrist completed her Aura-Soma practitioner training in 2001, progressing through three levels. This type of colour therapy allows people to express themselves and their emotions even if they cannot do it orally. “Colours are a fairly precise approach of precisely identifying what individuals feel.”

A client who cannot articulate their emotions is asked to choose four bottles from a selection of 103 colour combinations in clear bottles from the Aura-Soma line. The bottles express their emotions to me. I'll ask them, “Do you feel afraid, or whatever the bottles indicate?” They'll answer yes…”

Why Use Aura-Soma?

Why Use Aura-Soma?

It is the perfect addition for people seeking a healthy lifestyle and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, made with the highest-quality organic and biodynamic ingredients.

Aura-Soma also gives ease, balance, and tranquillity to your energetic system (chakras), while strengthening and safeguarding the aura to empower and enhance consciousness. Our products, which are made using bespoke alchemic techniques and homeopathic principles, can boost your vitality if used regularly.

How Do Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles Work?

Each Equilibrium bottle is charged with magical vibrations. Activate these by thoroughly shaking the bottle and applying it to your body like body oil, visualizing how you are nurturing yourself with colour, plant, and crystal energies.

While the consultation provides insight into your current situation, the information discussed in the session can be absorbed and integrated into your daily experience by applying the Aura-Soma colours to and around you. The products have an energetic vibration that defies description.

There is no correct or incorrect way to apply these oils; simply listen to your inner voice and apply it wherever it feels appropriate. Engaging with the bottles energetically and applying Equilibrium to your body leads to a deeper self-understanding.

You can use the oil in the morning and at night. When the oils come into contact with your skin, the magic of the oils is released. As a result, consistency is essential for reaping the greatest benefits.

What Does Colour Do For Your Soul?

“We employ colour in colour therapy to balance the energy wherever it is deficient in our body, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.” Our preference for specific hues could indicate places where we have uneven potential or regions where we are unbalanced. The visible light spectrum has been placed across the human body in aura-soma therapy. Each colour of the ROYGBIV band has been assigned to a distinct body part. We're known as HUE-MAN.

  • The colour red, which has the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency, is associated with our body's most basic functions: sexuality, survival, vigour, and energy. Red is a soothing colour.
  • Violet is a refreshing and soothing hue since it has the shortest wavelength and fastest frequency. It is located in our crown region, which houses our body's most sophisticated activities (thinking, perception, spiritual opening, etc.).

The other colours are placed in the rest of our body as follows:

  • Orange: Stomach
  • Yellow: Solar Plexus
  • Green: Heart
  • Blue: Throat
  • Indigo: Third eye

When a customer chooses a hue, it provides us with quick information about their potential and/or present issue. Because it is challenging to get verbal information from children, this strategy works well, and colour helps us know what to ask or where to start. In truth, this method is all about self-awareness. Because the therapist does not intervene in the colour choice, the client assumes responsibility and is confident in his decision.

Colour therapy assists us in balancing our bodies, emotions, and brains, as well as our spiritual path. Everything in the cosmos is connected, and the colour is a fantastic way to visualize this.”

How Does An Aura-Soma Application Work?

Every individual has their own set of experiences, emotions, patterns, habits, and reactions. We usually reinforce and repeat them on a regular basis. Many addictive reactions occur unconsciously, which is obviously a problem because when we experience energy imbalances, we lose control and power.

First, try to recognize what works subconsciously in you, and then try to change this pattern or way of reacting consciously. We accept responsibility for what we do and how we live in this way. In Aura-Soma, responsibility is essential. The bottles are chosen by the man himself. It is best to select colour combinations intuitively and then complete the entire treatment process on your own – or with the assistance of another person.

We consciously transform ourselves into a freer men in this way. God, it is said, created man with the ability to think and choose. But how much do we have control over how creative we are in our daily lives? The use of vials will make us more aware of the process.

Things that previously threw us off balance and were unknown to us are now visible and thus solvable. Furthermore, the bottles will provide us with the energy to do what we want and what we were unable to do due to a variety of factors (fear, anxiety, low self-confidence, uncertainty).

Three Main Products Are Used In Aura-Soma, Which Will Complement Each Other

Three Main Products Are Used In Aura-Soma, Which Will Complement Each Other:

Aura-Soma revolves around the 117 Equilibrium or Balance bottles. Four bottles are picked from the Equilibrium bottles based on the mood. The colour is the key to the choice's deeper meaning. The first bottle is known as the “soul bottle,” while the second represents gifts and challenges, the third represents the “here and now,” and the fourth represents “energies that will flow towards us in the future.”

Equilibrium is made up of crystals, gemstones, and herbal and plant extracts. The upper section of the two-coloured bottles contains an oily liquid, while the lower part contains an aqueous liquid. Because the oily half floats on top of the aqueous one, the two colours are neatly separated.

Other species, usually plants and vegetables, are used to generate the intense colour impact of the Balance bottles. This emulsion is applied to the skin in a few drops. This is to aid the body's absorption of the energy contained in the bottle.

The 17 pomanders are the second important pillar of Aura-Soma Therapy (from lat. Pomum fragrance container). The smells in these vials are 49 different plants and alcohol-based essential oils.

Three drops are placed in the left hand and rubbed together with the right. The fragrance should then be blown into the aura. Because of their colours, the seven colours included in each pomander are associated with each chakra of the human being.

The quintessences are the third pillar, and they have a favourable effect on the aura's more exemplary layers. It's said to aid perception and expose the mind to greater levels of awareness. The quintessence is applied by spraying it on the wrists and massaging it. After that, it's splayed out 30 cm from head to toe.

08 Reasons To Include Aura-Soma In Your Self-Care Routine

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself, more aware of yourself, and more empowered to be more of what and who you are? Do you wish to be more centred, balanced, tranquil, or joyful? Is there something inside you that you'd like to learn more about or heal? These are just a few of the advantages that Aura-Soma, a novel method of soul healing, can provide.

What About Aura-Soma, Which May Not Be Detailed On The Website But Which You Want People To Comprehend Fully?

1. What About Aura-Soma, Which May Not Be Detailed On The Website But Which You Want People To Comprehend Fully?

Each person's experience with Aura-Soma, whether in a consultation, a class, utilizing the goods, or visiting the Aura-Soma headquarters in Tetford, England, is unique and personal. Words appear to be a simple means of “getting it.”

When you see a difference in yourself or a friend, and you can see how they have changed something in their life from negative to positive, that is something that the internet can't portray despite their efforts.

2. What Should Someone Expect From Their First Aura-Soma Session?

“You are the colours you chose, and these reflect your being's need,” Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma, always claimed. Bring forth your Soul's unconscious voice.” That sums it up, albeit there is a suggested method of selecting four bottles. It's crucial to understand that a session is not the same as reading.

The practitioner isn't in charge. It's just you and your voice. A qualified practitioner will ask you questions to help you hear your inner voice. Yes, a good practitioner will understand the colours and their meanings, their names and some of the associations, but they will not force you to follow their advice.

Recommendations are possible, but the client will ultimately decide which items, if any, to utilize. Most clients receive an Equilibrium bottle, a pomander, and possibly a quintessence, although some opt for nothing. They are the experts.

3. What Are The Origins Of The Names For The System, Bottles, And Other Items?

Vicky Wall, the inventor of Aura-Soma, understood early on that not everyone possessed her clairvoyant skills to perceive the energies of colours. So, at some time, she decided to number and name the combinations to give them a starting point. During her meditations, she received these names.

Some were her creations, while others came from Rudolf Steiner's work. Some were inspired by mythology, while others originated from old wisdom systems. Like the Ascended Master series, some came from Theosophy (which she had never heard of before). The names are merely suggestions and references to encourage further investigation. They aren't infallible.

4. How Long Should Someone Anticipate Seeing Development Or Seeing Results After Starting To Utilize Their Products?

Well, this is also very personal. Aura-Soma makes no claims to physicality. It isn't an allopathic approach. It's not a case of “take this and expect this.” It is more homeopathic. The effects of the Pomanders, Quintessences, and Archangeloi, which have a more robust aromatherapy component because of their perfume, can be almost immediate.

These last about 3-5 hours and can be used several times throughout the day. The usage of the equilibrium bottles is more subtle, and it depends on how often and for what purpose it is used… Results appear in various ways and for varying lengths of time (intention is everything).

Some people finish a bottle in a week, while others take six months. Some people experience a sense of calm, while others experience mental clarity, emotional shifts, and spiritual inspiration. Aura-Soma works on all of our energy field's layers.

5. How Do Aura-Soma Products Interact With/In The Body?

The oil/water combination with essential oils, crystal energies (tinctures), and colour and light work through the skin to the lymph system, affecting the endocrine system and influencing the portions of us that need it. How does aspirin figure out where it should go in the body? How does a decent muscle cream work, for example?

6. How Are These Products To Be Used?

Vicky Wall created the 5 Pillars of Aura-Soma, representing a different aspect of our energy field (our Aura). The practitioner will recommend one or more of the 5 pillars based on our colour choices throughout the session. They will receive special usage instructions.

  1. Equilibrium – Apply to the skin. This should not be shared with anyone.
  2. Pomander – For use immediately outside the body in the electromagnetic field. This is something that can be shared.
  3. Colour Essences – For use in the etheric field, which unifies all fields. This is something that can be shared.
  4. Quintessences – Used to balance the lower and upper astral. This is something that can be shared.
  5. Archangeloi – For higher astral purposes. This can be distributed.

7. How Frequently Should Someone Have An Aura-Soma Consultation?

It's entirely up to the client, though many people find that every 4-6 months is sufficient.

Where Do The Aura-Soma Components Come From? Are These Products Organic Or Natural?

8. Where Do The Aura-Soma Components Come From? Are These Products Organic Or Natural?

They are farmed as much as possible on Aura-500-acre Soma's biodynamic farm “Shire Farm” in England, not far from the Academy in Tetford; others, such as the crystal tinctures, are imported from Switzerland, and certain ingredients are organic rather than biodynamic.

How Can I Buy Aura-Soma Products?

As energy is at the heart of all our products, there is no substitution for standing in front of the Equilibrium bottles. Before buying or using Aura-Soma, we strongly recommend a consultation with one of our accredited Aura-Soma practitioners. They're located in over 40 countries worldwide.

During this consultation, they will guide you through a completely customized self-selection session of the Equilibrium bottles. You will choose four bottles that will denote your soul bottle, gifts and talents, where you are coming from emotionally, and what is emotionally required for your future.

It is critical to stand in front of the bottles and select them based on your energetic connection to them, rather than choosing based on your favorite colour or because you believe a particular bottle means something to you. If you believe in your intuition, the colours you are drawn to are the colours you require.

Together, you will go over your chosen Equilibrium bottles and explore their meanings in the context and depth of your own journey to determine which of our products are best suited to helping you build and maintain happiness and vitality in your daily life.


Aura-Soma uses colours, plants, and crystals to balance your energies, influencing your soul journey, talents and gifts, as well as your purpose and potential.

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