Wild Animals In Canada

Wild Animals In Canada

Wild Animals In Canada Canada has 15 land and 5 maritime ecozones within its 9.9 square kilometres. According to scientists, the landmass is home to 70,000–80,000 plant and animal species, with an equal number still undiscovered. The Rockies divide the central plains and eastern temperate zones from the rainforest, desert, and continental climate zones that … Read more

Why Is Wildlife Important And How Can We Protect It

Why Is Wildlife Important And How Can We Protect It

Why Is Wildlife Important And How Can We Protect It Wildlife plays a crucial function in environmental balancing. Wildlife contributes to the stability of various natural processes. Wildlife and nature have been heavily associated with humanity for emotional and sociological reasons. Wildlife relevance can be classified as ecological, economic, and investigative importance, protection of biological … Read more

All About Wild Turkeys – A Large, Shy Bird

All About Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo)

All About Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) Wild turkeys are timid birds. Many people have never seen one, even if the turkeys live in their neighbourhood. They started coming here last Summer when they crossed our backyard with 3 adults and approx 30 poults. I am telling you that was so cute. They came out of … Read more

Interesting Facts about Squirrels

Interesting Facts About Squirrels

Interesting Facts about Squirrels Squirrels are very interesting animals. You can find them everywhere in the world. I grew up in Switzerland and we had squirrels there too. They are not as common as they are here in eastern Canada. In Switzerland, you mainly find the common dark brown squirrels. As kids, our parents used … Read more

Interesting Facts About Woodpeckers


Interesting Facts About Woodpeckers I love woodpeckers. Yesterday I was holding a young Hairy woodpecker in my hands. He must have flown into one of our windows, despite the bird protection, and seemed a little numb. I sat down on the wooden deck, picked him gently up, and as soon as I cradled him tenderly … Read more